PD Kareem Extinction

So many just went extinct.

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Holy fuck I thought I was the only one who noticed lol


This has to be a mistake all these bans and all lol. There’s no way they’d lose too much $$

What do you mean he went extinct?

Just exaggerating the fact that there was once plentiful limited Pd Kareem’s at almost all times. Now go take a look LOL after all these bans. PS4 there’s legit 1

Cash in da bag for that guy :money_mouth_face:

Yup 1 limited on PS4

Make that 2 after my game I’m cashing in

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Ayee I’ll make a bid :sunglasses:

I’ll let you know when I post it

I’ll put him up after he is out of pack

He will surely raise up to 500k mt again

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Time to sell my Limited PD Kareem :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Lol this is gonna be hilarious. I really wonder what happened with all this is there any word from 2k yet anyone know?

Guys guys if you go all at the same time, it won’t be so rare no more, and he won’t go that high

Just wait, wait for the good moment

There’s plenty Limited Kareem’s on XBox…


Only like 1100 pulled tho, theres prolly like 1.5x more people playing on ps4

That’s why is 1.5x more cheese.

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Damn that’s crazy good thing I have 2 maybe it’s time to sell em lol

I still have the 100th Kareem :sunglasses: