Pd Kareem - Duncan - Mutombo utilization

I just tried 2 of these boys as pf and c in a couple of games. Am i the only bastard who can’t utilise 2 of these? Duncan as PF and one of these tall chicks don’t seem to work together. When i put Kiri next to one, all go monsters. I had to remove Mutombo and using Duncan as C as i did since beginning.

Personally I use them on bench and they fit perfect. Not a stretch paint but nobody can score in and Duncan is sick at the post

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Duncan and Mutombo are bench i guess. Who are the starting couple?

Kirilenko and PD Jabbar

I will probably go:

AK47-KAJ as starters and Googs-Mutombo as the bench. Bye, bye Timmy.

That’s also how i used. Stockton-Melo-Pierce-Duncan-Mutombo are the bench but they were extremely static. Duncan became a ghost.

Googs over Timmy? Yeah, I don’t know about that one chief.

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I’m running O, Finley, Hill, TD, KAJ and it’s been working tremendously. They both get Post scorer takeover with one having glass cleaner and the other getting defensive anchor? It’s impossible to score in the paint for my opponent. My bench is Stockton, Manu, Melo, Mo Lucas, Dikembe. The defensive front court off the bench is also deadly.

Timmy will stay in my team forever

O - Klay - Hill - Duncan - Kareem was my 1st choice. Flow freelance basically with Celtics book. Any suggestions?

Mutombo over Timmy.

Googs will be only replaced by CWebb.

Thanks for letting me know.

Googs killed me in game btw i love that card too :joy:

I had klay but sold because his price was just way too high not to sell in my opinion. Also, that’s exactly what I run. Same freelance and playbook. I also enjoy flip push freelance as well. It’s a good mixup with similar but also different movements than Flow. You’ll get good back screens from your big men with one of the freelances resulting in a clear out for a big man at the free throw line. Give him the ball and go to work with a wide open paint surrounded by shooters if your opponent off balls and tries to crash to help.

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Hahaha, he is dropping 10ppg on 70-50-90 for me, haha, I am not taking him out for sure :slight_smile:

Ok 2 rage quits. Flip push is goooood :heart_eyes:

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I’m gonna start working on some Series offense in 2ku and might make a post on which ones are good to use as well.

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Hook it up

3rd quit lol. Should have asked before i got those 2 losses damn.