Pd JR hotspots updated on 2kmtc

All red. No more blue. I want this card.


Yeah, it was updated on Friday and perfect timing, because I got him on Thursday. He is so much fun!! Good luck on your grind.


Worth it? Im 100 cards away and have 1.1 mill

The rich gets richer. Enjoy the card :+1:

He’s definitely worth it. You won’t be disappointed.

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How does he compare to PD Klay?

Klay is the best spot up shooter.
This JR looks like 2" shorter TMac.

This makes me feel like he’ll get a Chinese New years card that will be similar to the PD. Why else would they care to do this?

I got PD Klay (he’s a beast). Approaching PD JR. Curious if I should sell Klay and load up for TMac. But I love spot up/ catch and shooting/ no dribble Klay style so I will likely hold Klay.

Depends how you play.
This JR have playmaking and D stats to play at PG as well.

Well then, it is likely gonna look like this real soon

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That looks crazy good, and if you will be matchup against a some post god you still have players that can switch eventually.

I moved PD Klay to the bench next to Limited B Roy, because of how good this JR is, and diamond Klay had been my starter at SG since his release. JR is a do it all card and I added a diamond shoe for 99 post fade and 99 swb. He’s a GO basically.


I’m 200 cards short. Did you do all the schedule challenges to get free agents? What’s the path to J.R.

Note: I have all NBA 19 and all HC.

I’ve done about half of the Schedule mode for FA cards, but I have, soon to be had, all of the moments, elite moments, signature, and limited cards. I also have NBA '19, HC, and available Throwback sets locked.

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Yeah, I was worried I’d have to sit through hours of schedule mode to get J.R. I guess I’ll pass for now. Thanks for the info!

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My current squad…


That’s OP. Wowzers. :slight_smile:


I’ll probably sell Granger soon though, because PD KD will be coming soon and I don’t want to lose value.