PD Josh Smith

I want to know the opinion if it is worth closing Josh Smith.

if you are getting JR smith, yes

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My buddy @ozmohsis locked him. He loves him. And lowkey when we scrim that Josh is a beast lol


Is what you say, it’s worth it if you go for JR but there are too many SG.

yeah, but 2k being 2k jr smith can be a beast for season 2 atleast. i locked in with doctor J, and for me he is the best player in my squad, and i have curry, mikan, stockton, juiced wilkins, etc. He is the doctor J of season 2. But to lock in the sets is quite expensive, not for everyone. I have josh smith, he is not bad, but i prefer duncan and draymond in my starting squad. if you locked in with josh smith, you might not have chance to sell that ever expensive john wall, thats the only consideration.

I locked for Josh because I also use Wall getting 2 cards you can use extensively is pretty good deal. Smith Is beyond crazy defensively.


J Smoove is a beast. Very versatile card that plays defense, can shoot the 3, gets out in transition fast for dunks. I love him.

Actually just spent the 400-500K for that set as well as to badge Wall/Smith.

He was worth it for me since I use Wall/Smith in my lineup and I think they are top tier at their positions right now so it comes at around ~250K per player.

But if I wasn’t sweating actively and competing in tourneys - I would never lock in these sets. Diamond LeBron is a great alternative for MUCH cheaper as well as offering resale value.

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Too many SGs? i think the SG position is the weakest position in the game right now, pretty much all you see comp people run is Wilkins/Klay.

If you’re not going for JR I wouldnt lock him. Other then that he’s just a slashing 4/3 with good defense, HOF intimidator, and a decent 3 ball. He’s deff a top PF in the game right now.

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He’s locked down some of my cards for sure, he gets a whole bunch of blocks and his shot seems pretty easy too

He’s pretty much identical to diamond Paul George, he just has better badges

Best defensive card I have played this year

Thank you all for responding! I will continue with stockton and lebron :joy:

Josh Smith is an auto lock-in if you can afford to. He will clamp any SF/PF you throw at him with the exception of Dr. J in the right hands. He won’t be a great shot or drive creator (use LeBron or Giannis for that), but as far as a 3 and D SF/PF, Josh is the best card right now.

One reason i put Draymond in my starting PF over josh smith is because draymond release is smoother for me (plus i added gold range extender, deadeye, flexible release, qfs and hotzone hunter to him). They both have HOF intimidator which is great. Josh smith release is ok, but i might need to use him more to be comfortable with it. If you will get him, i suggest add defensive badges like brickwall, worm and rebound chaser, and shoes like puma sky dreamer for added 3pts and speed with ball.

If you got blake griffin, what would you do with Josh Smith?

Blake is 5, Smith is 4.

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Josh Smith is the reason why Wall is so high

With how many mts is it worth closing it? Seeing that many people have it, it convinces me :roll_eyes::joy:

Josh Smith is my current best all-around player. Glad I Iocked him early, getting Wall at a discount. Can’t believe how much he’s going for now!