PD Jordan price

i got pd jordan with diamond contract and all defensive shoe(which is useless) for 1.2m is that worth it?

ps4 btw

A kidney

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Personally I would not spend that much MT on him. Better go for PD Magic

still have enough mt for pd magic. is it good? i already have harden and tmac at pg.

who are your SGs, u can slide Harden/Tmac to SG or even use Magic there.

Best card in the game, and it isn’t even close. He carriers my whole team. Had PD MJ before and he was only a roleplayer. Magic is on an other level

Btw there is a relatively cheap PD Magic on PS4 ending in about 30 min

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Disargee plays liw dunk tendacy cant be best player in 2k18


If anything put Magic at the 4

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That’s what I was thinking

A PD Jordan just went for 710K on XB1, cringe for all the people who paid 2 million plus.


Yep saw that

wow its cuz ronnie gave that card out like its candy.