PD Jokic is a beast at PG

No one can stop my PD jokic at the point his fast shoots 3s from anywhere his awesome !



Maybe you do, get a check up bro.


u r desperate to sell him, arent you?
damage control posts are so obvious m8

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Only good to exploit mismatches in mtu…he stinks for tto

Yeah I’m desperate to sell him… what’s your mind set like?? You sure your all there ?

He actually good at centre imo. Like him better there. I like that I can run plays through him. At centre

Quote from YT Tydebo about this Jokic Card: “If I was to go in a comp game tonight he would not be in the first 20 point guards I chooose, not even close.” :rofl:


Guess he doesn’t know how to use him🤷🏻‍♂️

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I actually like him (at PG, though he is also good at center), only problem is his lateral quickness when marking a quick/agile PG.

I have tried to address this by starting someone like PG, Wallace or Gay at 4 and switching in defense, works pretty well.

The guy literally gets every rebound for me as well

Lol that’s cap how he grabbing every rebound from the PG position bruh?


His 7ft tall bruh

I can tell your a 7 year old troll



Personally I played 2 games with Jokic and sold him immediately. Maybe it’s not the card, but I couldn’t use him. He felt slow, horrible defense and a clunky ugly shot that wouldn’t go in.

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Jokic is always a card you have to play to his strengths. I sniped him but haven’t started getting ready for the May grind to use him in MTU.

Looking forward to tho. He’s a slower, taller Dino with Range.

Not trolling anyone I really enjoy playing with him… shorter pg such as Chris Paul and others can’t even defend his 3point shot when there all over him.

Jokic is a goat at C. PG not so much