PD Jerry West, 💎 Bob Mcadoo, Amy Karl Malone

Jerry looks solid all around. Although haven’t tried his jumpshot this year

I am a little surprised that they dropped anything, although I should not be. I cannot imagine getting any of these cards except to complete a NBA 75 decade set. I wish they would just release the cards as rubies so they can be cheap.

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I used to love Jerry circa 2k15, back then the only way you could get new players is to pull packs and odds were about as bad as now, I remember not pulling anything for weeks and then all of a sudden I pulled Wilt, who was easily the best C in the game , and the pack right after I got Jerry, I was so tired from celebrating Wilt that I didnt have anything left for Jerry, but those guys got me MJ…you had to win 10-12 games in the highest seed to get MJ…few got him and I only seen him a few times but he gave you an advantage that was so massive , no player in today’s game could duplicate his dominance eventhough he couldnt shoot 3s…he had this sideways fading mid range jumper, only he and Mitch Richmond had it for some reason, but this shot was impossible to contest sonic you were good timing it, you could score as much as you needed to with just that alone, the only way to stop it was to send a double but then if the rest of your team were good shooters it was GG lol the nostalgia is so strong , I actually wanna go to YouTube and watch a gameplay vid of 2k15, but ill resist lol

I cannot imagine paying 100k for Jerry West though. I assume he will be BIN tomorrow. I have learned my lesson and unless I really need a card to use right away (Dr J), best thing is to wait 1-2 weeks.

Yep no doubt about it…also if ur a HOF addict like myself, even if you really REALLY want any card…if you just wait even a few days to give ppl a chance to put hofs on them…you can usually scoop up the same card with an added few hofs, and veriaty of different hofs will be more prevalent since you’ll HV more if a choice of hofs that you actually can use for gameplay rather than just to retain value better