PD Iverson worth it?

Anyone know if he’s good ? I’m just looking for consistency in a shot, but I haven’t really heard much from him

Not really, too short

No,he is not worth it

How’s his shot though ?

If you’re looking for consistency in a shot only, grab diamond Stockton. His release is the easiest shot to green that I’ve used this year. It’s so fast that you damn near just tap square/X and it’s a green. I have him with Malone too so he has 99/99/99 three point ratings. His layup package is super sweet as well. I’m loving using short, traditional style point guards so much lol

PD Iverson is great and a ton of fun to play with once you get used to his rhythm/hesitation crossover animations and release. You do have to put in some work though for this card to reach it’s full potential. Hits 3s whenever open up to HOF limitless range and can’t miss from mid range if he doesn’t get blocked. He can be a defensive liability if you try to challenge his man at the rim, but gets a ton of steals and can guard the perimeter.

I run my offense through him and shoot the 3 whenever he has a window, isolation drives and step backs, pick and roll, drive and kick - it’s all money and a fun way to play.

Guess you’ve caught the traditional point guard bug as well lol. But PD Iverson can kinda throw down. If you haven’t tried Stockton with the PD Malone duo I highly suggest it. Tons of fun.

Oh I try to throw down too. Score by any means.

You can try out di Iverson to see if his playstyle is comfortable for you and you can make him work and pd is just a better version. Someone says he dunks more often then diamond but I can’t feel it, in my hands he got blocked pretty often but as mentioned above he is really fun card to use especially when hot