PD Ingram

Card looks decent until we get a better KD Card

Damn those stats looking decent and badges seem solid. I loved the amethyst might try getting that PD

42 strength



He’s SF only with his attributes. He will get murdered in the post at PF. And there’s too many other good wings right now IMO

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I pulled him he’s actually nice

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what packs did you pull Ingram from?

Yeah I just pulled him myself haven’t gotten a chance to use him yet. Should I put him up or do you think he’s a quality card?

His position is stacked with better options. I would sell him.

I pulled 2 from deluxe moments. Pulled a bunch of standard moments and got 2 Amy’s I think.

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Which PF that can post him up can stay with his purple quick 1st tough?

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His jumper is niceeeee!!!

Giannis lmao


That’s a no for me. I’d sooner run Rick Barry than this Ingram

Middle moments pack for 4k

Yep, and that’s it haha!

What’s his price rn?

Yeah but if you get hard countered to the point of being unplayable by the most common high-end card at your position…

probably ain’t worth using.

(Also, he probably doesn’t do that well into Josh Smith, Siakam, etc.)

Not sure bro I only played one game. Watching htb review right now