Pd Iguodola

Anybody try him? I didn’t see one thread people might be sleeping. This card looks like a monster. Swooped him cheap gonna check him out tomorrow

I pulled about 60k total worth of Mt throughout the day and managed to pull both Dwight and Iggy in those 6 packs. I think both of them are getting slept on. Iggy feels amazing. Still has probably the best running crossover in the game and his shot is still as easy to green as I remember but now with the upgrade in shooting feels much more trustworthy. All he really needs is a SWB and BC shoe and he’s going to make one of the best clamp god point guards in the game. He feels Opal level especially on defense.

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Indeed :sweat_smile:

Because it’s not Igua, it’s Iguo lol.


I put the south beaches on him, he doesnt need it but theres something about that shoe on him and lonzo that make them a mini wilt on defense lol

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I will give him the AJ3, so that I can boost BC and passing accuracy and use him as my main ball handler to have my shooters go around screens

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I know @VinnQuinn likes him!! He might give you a more detailed report


He’s a 99 with dantoni and red Kobe’s

Definitely a fun card …I didn’t see anyone mention that he has 3pt plays lol

3 pt plays plus HOF catch and shoot , to green his release its the same as grant hills imo , let go right before the height of his jump
Hes sluggish though

Only played 2 games w him. But feels awesome. Fast. Amazing animations. Smooth release.

Absolute letdown as far as badges go. 2k royally effed that up. Worse than Grant with no personality badges. So now to add drde and LR, prepare to add about 20k (unless you snipe badges ofc) to his market price.
I paid 55k for him. Awesome card.

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I don’t get the personality badges part: He has spark plug, microwave, hardened, floor general, defensive anchor, clutch performer, and championship DNA - What’s missing?


No. Grant Hill. Non roken reward. I was just comparing the error. Unless Grant was fixed, he has no personality badges.

Ah, gotcha. Yes, both Grant Hills still don’t have blue badges.

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He is like a missile without the ball on a fast break too!!!

Leave a lane clear and lob it up soon as you see his foot hit the paint

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Lmao damn I feel like a dumbass

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Sorry for the expose but i’m the enemy of multiple threads & mistyped player names and you did it both lmao, couldn’t resist. Sorry :innocent:


-finishing -he gets to the rim very easily with his great dribble moves and finishes strong. Also comes with omfb so he shoots like a friggin cannon off a steal or rebound

-defense - comes with the sexiest badge in the game, Hof bruiser. Results in a LOT of bump animations. He gets plenty steals as well, obviously. With Pop/Stevens, we’re looking at 93 strength along with a 90 block (with 98 vertical). Very hard to say he’s ever at a disadvantage on D unless he’s switched on to a Yao or something.
With 95 low post D as well, Simmons and Magic aren’t as OP inside

-shot creating - I haven’t played too many games with him, but with his upgraded shooting, I’ve honestly had more luck creating shots as apposed to shooting off the catch. His off dribble shots are also quicker

  • Playmaking - simply put, his gold dimer feels like Hof so he never needs to be the focal point

-free throw - wasn’t touched attribute wise and man I hate the animation. Even at an 80, it feels more like low to mid 70s

-consistency - like I said above, despite having catch and shoot, his shot still doesn’t feel great. So far he’s made the shots I thought he’d miss than make what I think were easier shots.


  • snowball effect -he’s a card that’s capable of literally doing anything at anytime and can just absolutely go off!

-sneaky post game - 79 post control goes to 84 with South beaches. Equipped with PST, this guy can do WORK on the block against guys 1-3. Also post step backs with 97 swb and Iggy’s finishing… Beautiful


Great Review bro!! :innocent:


Thanks. I’m on mobile so that’s why the formatting is so wonky

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Wow that’s a really great review!! Now i want to cop him too ahah

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He’s a god.

Don’t @ me crying about off ball. He’s the best Off ball defender I’ve used. Completely bullies and harasses whoever you stick him on. Gets those cheesy bumps and on ball steals. Makes the other guy pick up his dribble a ton.

Easy as pie to use on ball as well.

Back up 2 right now for me.

The fast break dunks, the oops, the silky smooth high arching jumper Mann I love this card.

If he had HOF Dimer hed be perfect.