Pd harden

I just pulled the new PD harden should I sell or keep him?
My lineup is
Pg- pd magic
Sg- jimmy butler
Sf- peja
Pf- green
C- Marc
Bench diamond gil,reggie Lewis,diamond melo,luol deng,valde divac

I would sell unless u wanna run him as backup pg or magic to harden could be good

Do you think his price will go up after hes out of pack if so I could use him till he rises

What’s his price Rn ?

I think I saw one go for 230k on ps4 a few mins ago

Aint worth that much in my opinon with that defense. Might aswell just get drazen lol

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Respect on Using Jimmy Butler. I would sell harden ASAP. Try the New PG13. Just Like Butler.

Someone just bid 178k on the old Pink Diamond Harden w shoe and contract… yikes


Hahaha ouch

Keep him

Harden sg
Butler sf
Peja bench