PD Harden Price

Starting end without any bids. Will his price stay bin or do like Kembas price once out of packs?

I sold mine for 120k

I just seen a couple end at no bid I was gonna pick some up slap a diamond shoe on it and sell once the prices went back up. I remember kemba went to bin but now he’s 120k+

He had no collection value or usable. Dont know how his price has stayed this high. Kemba is atleast usable.

Too many people who’ve never used him speaking on how bad he is. The card gets buckets. Still gonna sell after he’s out of packs but I’m averaging close to 20 PPG in 9 MTU games with close to 70% from 3

Yea I wouldn’t worry about the 3 ball too much. I drop green 3s with giannis all the time. Only reason I couldn’t cop a Harden is Defense even though I’m good on that side

It’s not as bad as you’d think. But Melos defense never bothered me either so idk, he rips people a lot and seems every time you drive with him it’s a foul call. Just a fun card to use, not one I plan to keep long term since I managed to pull him from a single

Gotcha. And also on the Melo part his defensive stats suck but it was never an issue to me. But then against hes a bully 6’8 sf

I bought one for 100k bin and sold hours later for 126 but I can’t see him rising at all, the only reason it would is because it’s a pd, but his diamond is a much better card anyway