PD Harden down to 190k

Is this card trash or is there just tons of him up on the AH?

I think PD Arenas at 150k is affecting him.

Ppl don’t like his release cuz it’s not base 11

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His release is actually money, similar to PG13

Yeah it is

6’5" with trash defense and a slow jumper = offline card only.

His defense isn’t trash tbh plays above ratings at least for me

Whats your thoughts on his jumpshot?

I get a lot of greens I also have been good with releases on Big and Pierce as well so I can’t really give an opinion on how slow his release is. I think guys confuse slow with a normal jump shot. Bill Cartwrights shot is slow af I feel players without the base 11 or “quick” releases have normal speed jump shots rather than slow in my opinion

not for me. fuck base 11

People forget this PD harden as well as PD pierce have HOF DRD so they don’t need a lot space to begin with a lightly contested shot is still open

That defense is scaring off a lot of folks. 88 3 ball stats is also solid but not crazy like PD Arenas

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If i’m not wrong he got Ginobli release or at least a similar one, which is absolutly cash

with his 3pt tendencies he is gonna be deadly pullup/off screen shooter