PD Hakeem price correction incoming?

Now that PD Jokic is live, will we see PD Hakeem correct to where he belongs? (BIN)

Or do we have to wait for PD Shaq PRIME tomorrow or Friday to see the PD Hakeem BIN correction?

hakeem is needed for spotlight and is a pretty good card I don’t think he will hit BIN for a little bit


jokic is not shaq. He might not impact that much the market imo

Yea I am thinking the same … and fhink we may need to wait until Friday possibly to see Hakeem at BIN.

I just want him for spotlight and will dump Hakeem immediately after- just don’t wanna get shafted on the 10% tax at sell off

The only chance Hakeem going bin are superpacks and might not even happen then.

Hakeem and Jokic are two totally different cards.

Hakeem is a defensive monster and a legit post scoring threat who can hit the occasional three.

Jokic is a playmaking five who can shoot the lights out, but has subpar post scoring animations and is a liability defensively.

I don’t think Jokic will affect Hakeems price too much because it’s two different types of players buying each card.

If hakeem is bin then I might just put him in my squad but seeing the best card of a spotlight price drop that much is not likely for the moment (the only possible way is of course to release shaq and im not even sure hakeem would be bin)

Won’t hurt Hakeem price since joker isn’t pullable

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Why does Hakeem belong in bin? Lol


He’s just underwhelming … I don’t know he’s just meh. It’s ok ya matter of time I feel like before we gotGO KAJ, Shaq, Hakeem himself etc …

So why these silly high prices for cards that we know have such modest shelf lives?

I love Hakeem. Get the rebound and run the floor. No one can keep up with him. And his shots money.

you need to lock in cards for jokic. hakeem will stay 200-250k

Hakeem is the best auctionable center in the game and also offers a very unique skill set at the moment.

Gold clamps, fast and can guard pick and roll, elite post game and can shoot threes


Jokic couldnt holds Hakeems jock strap


If you’re on PS4 I think you need to ask that Asian mafia that’s controlling the AH. Maybe they’ll be kind to you…

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You want Hakeem desperately dont you?

Hakeem is dope no doubt, but I’m waiting for that Diesel to drop. Even his sapphire can back down current PDs, I can’t imagine what his PD will do.


Shaq will be goated. Yes its lame but I hope he has at least a 70 three ball.

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Even a 65 3 is good for a PD Shaq. My all time favorite card was that Opal Shaq last year. PG Shaq could cross, pass, post and snipe.

I just want to complete this Spotlight Series (PD RJ so I can get GO Roy; who, yes, I want badly); I could care less about Hakeem, or PD RJ.