Pd Hakeem or Pd bill Russell?


I currently have bill Russell but I’m leaning towards selling him and buying Hakeem but the only things I’m worried about is that Hakeem is slower than bill (speed, acceleration, Swb, lateral quickness). My other center is boogie


Although we might get a good
Center in the Promo Friday
Waiting is the Best thing to do :innocent:

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@LuckyKid for what reason?

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Hakeem is a Two Way Center.
Defense / Post Game / Shooting
All is there for a good Center

Bill Russell is Elite in Defense and is Fast
Offense is Somewhat limited to the paint
You can’t really rely from him in terms of shooting


I have Bill on my end for 3 reasons

  1. I don’t have a budget for Hakeem, the Bill I got has infinite contracts and shoes already.
  2. I like his defense, I balance my squad between offense and defense.
  3. This is a long shot but if I’ll follow the trend with the locker codes for the CNY and Madness packs. We could probably see an incoming locker code for the HOF packs soon. I’m only missing PD Tmac in that series.
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yo my dude 508 is the new pd dream worth the price or stick to the 96 ?


It is a good upgrade.
His price will go down on the weekend for sure.

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yea the dream my fav center every year i get him but not sure if i want to spend the last of my mt 2 upgrade also is cj go worth buying i dont feel like it is but just asking

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What is your team right now?

I don’t think CJ is worth it IMO.

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Bill Russel is more unique imo

Hakeem is just another post god but he doesn’t even have difficult shots

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my team is go walt go mj pd melo pd amare pd ewing bench pd big o pd granger 96 dream pd oden pd jamison rewards mutombo go worthy then a filler bs card to round it out

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Your line up is great man.
If you have spare MT you could use a cheap cousins he is Amazingly good.

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i had boogie he was not for me sold him quick every post move felt like a delay with him u feel me

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Fair Enough bro.

How are you liking amare?

Also GO PG13 is Godly :slight_smile:


amare post fade is great its just his d# sucks ass i can score no problem with him but he cant stop shit go pg13 i dont have the mt for him im not buying packs no more i fucked with mj got him for 723k now hes at 400k all my mt went to him smfh

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We might get a good Bigman this Friday.
Maybe waiting is the Best Move.

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yea i feel you thanks for the help my dude

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You’re welcome bro! anytime :slight_smile:

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Lmao :smile: