PD Hakeem & KAT w/ grey Kobes price? (Xbox)

What do you guys think would be a solid price for these cards? I saw this Hakeem go for 140k last night on Xbox and got outbid on a KAT but didn’t see what it ended up going for. I want to run these guys as a speedy twin towers set up. Let me know what you guys think

I probably outbid you on the KAT, got for 80K. Got the one from the locker code to sell so figured it was worth it.

I got a Hakeem with them for 85K late in the night last week, that was pure luck.

They are both unfair with the shoe, add Gold one man fast break to each or them.

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So you think it’s definitely worth the extra 40k or so for KAT with the shoes? I have no doubt he’s a beast but that’s literally double his normal price. And that’s a steal for Hakeem, awesome find