PD Hakeem - Is he worth it?

In every Myteam before this, Hakeem has always been my favorite card to play with. He’s my favorite player of all time as well. Now I’m never going to grind out Opal Hakeem - I’ve heard it’s a 60+ hour grind and to me, there is no greater misery than playing 2k against the CPU for hours on end. I simply refuse. So to fill the void in my heart, I look to this 80k PD Hakeem

I haven’t been able to find much info on him. One person said he’s underwhelming, one person loves him, but these were both posts from months ago. I know doesn’t have HOF Clamps or Relentless, but is he worth it? Anyone use him? I like to score primarily in the post and I’m wondering if he’s really underwhelming, maybe I should just get Dino Raja or PD Shaq

hes not worth it, but if hes one of ur favourite players, he will definitely service as a bench c

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he has a dynamic duo and turn into an opal

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I’m on an extreme budget and will never buy Clyde. The only card I own above amethyst level is diamond D Wade. 80k is all I have to my name, so if I get Hakeem, it won’t be with the intention of using the duo

Grind the opal one. You will get tons of good players, cash and tokens in the proccess


Run the duo :slight_smile:

Maybe a better question to ask is, how does his post scoring ability compare to PD Raja and PD Shaq?

his fadeaway is money

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theres no way PD Hakeem will be better than Radja IMO.

hes not but is radja his favourite player ever


This man gets it. I’d rather lose with a Hakeem than win with Radja


He’s a great card once you get his release down. I green at least 2/3 of my shots with him when I’m wide open. That said, he doesn’t have a meta release. He’s really athletic, dunks a lot even with contact, and a beast on defense, but if you are playing to win, there are cheap auctionable alternatives like Eddy Curry.

I don’t see Hakeem leaving my lineup for a while. If you are a big Hakeem fan and have the time, why not grind it out. MTU is unplayable half the time anyway.

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I don’t have the time tbh. I’m a full time engineering student and I have carpal tunnel bad enough that I can only play 1-2hrs a day max


Oh yah don’t do it. School over everything. Good luck in school. So glad I’m done with those days.

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Just grind 2 hours for vlad, he can do basically everything for ya n it’s free

cousins is better

The short answer is no, he’s not worth it. If you just want to play with your favorite player, then go for it, but there are so many better options.

Cousins is undersized but better speed.