Pd glen rice

Anybody else try him out?? He’s a savage!


I picked him up because I am a huge hornets fan, he does not disappoint, amazing shooter and decent dunker. Only knock is he feels a little slow.


Yessir. I love his player model, his jumper (MPJs), and all that strength! His gold poster feels like Hof to me. Wish he had Hof stopper though

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His speed can definitely feel a bit underwhelming. I put black Jordans on him to help that and his lat quickness


Yeah I’m loving the card so far he doesn’t feel slow to me though. What show are you guys using on him?

I was about to buy a go Kobe but I was like let me pick this guy up see how he is and he’s dope! Lol saved me 300k

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He is so nice. Cash release

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What is his jumper??

Does he have a fast release?

similar to porter jr from next gen set


It kinda feels like oscars jumper from his opal and Pd as well

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