PD Giannis still worth it?

I’m on the fence about going for PD Giannis was hoping you guys could help me out in deciding.

This is my current team. Melo has a defensive shoe and Jordan a open 3pt shoe.

I need all the diamonds from the evolution set as well as dirk, Ingram and cliff.

I have 100k mt, Diamond Bob Cousy and a few other rubies I can sell to make mt. I probably will need to sell Larry Bird, Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard ,ak47, sabonis , George. Want to try and keep Jordan Kobe and Magic.

Is PD Giannis worth it ? Thanks.

I think embiid would be a great upgrade over Howard, Butler is also great, you might find yourself lacking at pf tho. Unless you play giannis there which I is where I use him at. He’s insane, scores 30 points or more every game at ease and I haven’t regretted it for a second, gets so many blocks on defense along with steals and is a step back three machine

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He’s better than magic in my opinion, pretty just doesn’t have the dimer badge like him but this game is so inconsistent I don’t even feel like some badges matter but his jumper is better than magic and he’s a little better on d

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He’s a natural stat padder, super fun. If you have the MT then go for it before the new set arrives.

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It sounds like I should get him I could play him at PF or PG I guess. Only players left I would want would be PD lebron who will be impossible to get and maybe a wilt the stilt diamond.

If I sell magic, George, bird, Dwight, ak47, sabonis I can probably keep Carmelo. I love using magic though !

Thoughts on who I should sell?

I’d think deeply about who you like the most and base you’re decision off of that

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You just gotta look at the players in the set. There’s two diamond PGs who are both pretty good looking on paper, you get a big with Embiid, and super solid wing in Jimmy Butler in addition to the versatile Giannis. So logically it would make sense to get rid of your PGs right now, two of your wings (Bird, PG13, AK47,or Melo), and probably both Dwight and Sabonis for Joel and Dirk. That would at least be the most economic way to do it.

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If you lock the set how would your lineup look afterwards?

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These stats look similar to what Giannis is giving me as well. To get that many Rebounds, Blocks and Steals from a NON Center is HUGE in this game.

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If I sell magic , bird, a few others and the 100k mt i have line up could look something like this I guess?

Not sure who I could put as a back up center though.

Or I can sell the diamond 98 Kobe which I packed in one 10 pack box. But that’s probably my favorite card to play with now and he’s honestly worth whatever he’s going for . Not sure if nows the time to get maximum profits for the card though ?

Sabonis, Gasol, Cousins, & Porzingis are all great Centers.