PD Giannis situation....hold or sell

He’s irreplaceable right now, but I’m thinking of selling before packs drop today & buying back in the midst of the crazy inevitable market crash. Bad idea? Did I wait too late? Hold him? What y’all think? I dont really NEED the MT & I would pbly move AK back to the 1 if I sold Giannis & plug PG or Josh Smith in at the 3.

hold you will regret if you sell


If the champ champ tells me to keep him, guess I’m keeping him. Might sell 3rd diamond PG & Josh Smith…they never see a min of playing time.

keep or sell and lose MT.

His price is down tonight definitely keep

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Gotta Hold If you will only buy him later.
It’s hard to gain profit that way too

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Good looking out. He is a machine.

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Yes never sell you best players unless they are out dated.

I kept magic and kpor amidst everything.

Welllll shit. I’m sure he will rise back to near 400k eventually. I’ll sell once I’m at 2450 cards or so.

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That’s a great Idea :innocent:

there are 2 players that I can’t play without them, AK47 and Giannis


I sold my giannis I like magic better in Warriors playbook. Will pick up giannis later in the game for fun purposes :rofl:

Mine sold for 470k ill buy him back eventually
Only dude i really miss is Di Klay and PG

When did you sell?

i’d deffo sell, chances he could go down are much higher then you losing much with selling and incase he dosent go down buying back.


I get home in 45 mins. Might throw him up for 4 hrs & hope for the best. Fully badged, contract, purple Kyries. I’ll be happy w 300k.