PD Giannis is hands down the best card in any 2K

I’ve used PD Lebron this year, PD Jordan last year, Diamond Durant 16-18, Curry when he was the only HoF limitless card in 16, and even all the gold 99 legends of 14. Giannis is better than them all.

Stats and badging are so OP this year that its gotten to the point in which you are basically paying for a player model and animations. It doesn’t get any better than Giannis, his length, his buttery smooth shot animation, and the ridiculous dunk/layup animations he triggers. A terror at all 5 positions and a mismatch everywhere.

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I have to agree. Scores at will. Throw the Kyrie’s on him and he’s impossible to deal with.

Part of the reason I haven’t quit MyTeam (as I intended) is because I went all out and completed that set and don’t want the investment to completely go to waste

I think a speed with ball shoe is better going up against elite PD players who can on ball defend, but other than that the Kyrie’s are fantastic.

I like the Nike AD Speed with Ball shoes best on him (there is one that also gives +9 open 3).

Even without a shoe he is still the best in the game by quite some distance.

I don’t know fellas PD Bron is a brute

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Pulled LeBron, sold him because of Giannis (and Magic). LeBron is nasty and all, but Magic and Giannis have physical advantages that take their cards to the next level.

I just wish I had a spare diamond Nike shoe for Giannis, my diamond shoe pool dried up recently and I can’t seem to pull any more.

Man it bugs me that some of you guys have a “pool” of diamond shoes that you’ve pulled this year. I’ve pulled packs basically every other promo and have only pulled one diamond shoe out of the Kobe packs around Xmas when there were pretty much guaranteed shoes in each pack. Is my luck seriously that bad?

Put Lebron at point, then Giannis at PF or C.

Watch your opponent scramble to adjust to Lebron, and Giannis will wreak havok. I just played against a guy who moved his Kawhi from PF to PG to guard Lebron, and Giannis ended up on Kevin Love. I don’t even need to say what happened after that.

At one point early in the year, I had like 10 extra, I used to pull then every few boxes.

[TL;DR]: If you put PD Giannis in any 2K, yeah, he’s likely the best card ever. For each respective year though, I wouldn’t exactly say that he’s the undisputed GOAT-cheese card ever.

It’s pretty close. I’ve been playing MyTEAM since its inception back in 2K13.

Sapphire Durant (RttP Tier 1 reward) back in 2K14 was broken, mainly because if you already had the relatively easy to acquire Gold version, you could run them both. Lulz, I would legit have two KDs as my starting SG and SF respectively. Haha, I still have vivid memories of my opponents pausing after I scored on them in a fast-break situation and them going to the instant-replay (back when this was a thing) and watching them just going back and forth between my two Durants. He wasn’t neccesarily better than PD Giannis per se, but the fact that having him allowed you to run two KDs in the same lineup, made your lineup better than 1 PD Giannis (+ any other player this year) did (back then, KD was the best all around offensive & defensive card in the game, primarily because LBJ couldn’t shoot 3s).

In 2K15, Gold Yao Ming carried me to Tier 1 in RttP (before the Sapphire Yao was released). He would EAT PD Shaq’s all day. His post-fade was beyond unguardable (a near guaranteed bucket every possession; the perfect go-to move against a set defense). This was also back when speed literally meant nothing (fucking Silver Gheorghe Muresan could legit catch-up with Diamond Allen Iverson on fast-breaks); so Yao’s only real weakness was severely diminished.

In 2K16, Finals LBJ (basically the equivalent of PD LBJ this year) was absurd. He had like 42 Good badges and basically 90+ on everything. I’d run him at PF and drop 30+ points every single game without even trying.

Diamond KP last year was ridiculous too (primarily because we got him early AF). You have to keep in mind that it wasn’t really until this year, that 2K started giving EVERYONE a 90+ 3-Ball. So Bigs that could spray from 3 last year, were that much more OP/desirable.

Don’t get me wrong, PD Giannis is beyond next level cheese; it’s just that every year, there’s almost always 1-3 cards that fit the same bill as well.

How much to complete the collection now on PS4?

Is he better/ more fun to use,than PG Magic?
I know that using him as iso/driving player is deadly, but it’s fun?