PD Gary Payton

PD Gary Payton

How is he? Do the clamps feel legit? Good player model?

Some dudes with clamps feels none existent if the player model is too small

That ain’t Gary Payton, that’s Eli payton, his light skin older cousin


Not worth it unless your doing the spotlight challenge.

ok, he’s the last card I need for the challenge. Will buy and sell quickly. Not really feeling that Worthy card either

That’s how I felt when I was on the road to PD Giannis. PD giannis was everything and more than I expected though so all good.

And from that lakers spotlight deal I kept Wilkes and Cooper for their defense - HOF Clamps on both and they are both hard core defenders (for cheap).

But yea PD Payton and Worthy weren’t all that. worthy was better than Payton yea but there’s as good for way cheaper

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Worthy is really nice, Payton is meh though