PD Gary Payton: Devil's Advocate Buzzkill

We’re always excited about GP. We always imagine him as a lockdown defender.

In my mind, every year, the enthusiasm dissipates quite quickly and almost nobody runs him after a few weeks.

Last year, with his 3pt ratings higher, I personally never shot well with him. Not even from Catch and Shoot. Unless they changed his shot, I think off the dribble is basically out of the question.

They buffed his Post Control and Fade for this year and that is intriguing. But if he is matched up against a Magic or even an Oscar, or Pip or Iguodala, etc., then working post game is not a good proposition.

He’s 4" taller than CP3 but I think still too short/small to guard guys like Giannis, Hedo, Magic in a way that is very substantially different from a GO CP3, who also has all the Def badges at HoF. Hedo or AK will still shoot right over GP. Giannis will still bully him to the rim. Magic can still abuse GP in the post. Low 70s LPDIQ doesn’t cut it.

I could be wrong and hope I am. I would like to swap out of Oscar to GP as my bench PG, behind Magic.


Hof dimer :slight_smile:

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Of course GP will get outplayed by those meta abusers

But again any opponent under 6’7, he will lock them down

I’d love to see him D-up Emerald Brook Lopez.


Would love to see Lopez D up Payton


No one can.


That’s what the off-ball center is for.

That’s why screens exists

That’s why a 2-3 zone exists.

I won’t struggle with him. I don’t struggle with rondo


Oh I love zones. Always get wide open shots when I move the ball

@HarryLundt this Payton is definitely more useful if utilized OOP.

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Don’t do this again

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I actually like watching him in real life, always a card I have fun with regardless

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I still don’t get why GP has to guard these boys when you have problems. Put Magic or your big guard back in if that happens or switch matchups.

Payton vs Hedo matchup, Payton is not the one who’s gonna have problems.
Ak is a problem for anyone.
Giannis can be contained at some level, especially when 3s don’t fall.


That conversation is done, I want to talk about this Payton.

Let him be. I guess he can’t understand that having a regular guard and using him can be fun too


But Roy can be locked up by Payton

80 Strength is key here. Can box-out like a champion. Add Gold Brick Wall, run him at the 4 or 5, and call Give Curl 3 or Fist 51 and utilize his screens.

GP always feels like a slightly better Jason Kidd in these games to me.

He’s fine…just too little. And his shot was always a little too slow.

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