PD Ganger, TMac, or Melo?

I only have room to run one of them. Which of the 3 would you say is worth running at the 2 or the 3? I’m using Brad Steven as my coach.


My personal preference of the 3 is T Mac. Melo is still a dog though but Mac alot more consistent imo and more fun

Tmac’s been unbelievable for me. I can green the leaning 3 so consistenly.

I was leaning Melo over TMac just because of the strength difference. With my coach Melo would have 91 strength while TMac would only have 80. Does that matter?

Are their prices somewhat similar?

I still run both on my team. Melo has the scoring 6th man role while Mac along with Roy are the stars of the team. Melos strength is a big positive for him. Tough for any wing to really bully him but Tracey is no slouch on defense either. They’re honestly very close. I just think Tracey is more fun, more potent when he’s on, and “on” more often than Melo

Are their prices comparable? I’ve been holding off making major upgrades until prices really start hitting the toilet.

Offtopic but are you running MPJ on your squad?

No idea about their prices, I haven’t looked at the AH in a while. I would imagine Melo is probably a little more expensive right now though.

Yes he’s my backup 4 and I still love that card. Took him out to try the 98 Dirk for a little bit. Dirk was cool but I missed MPJ too much. He gets me like 15 points off the bench in his sleep with like 7 minutes of playing time

Granger I had Tmac since the 1st hour he came out n prolly played 10 games with him grangers a problem


After what I’ve experienced today I can tell you that Granger, used in a certain way, can be a real pain in the ass :joy:

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Granger. He doesn’t miss

The biggest question is how often are you gonna play the post with whoever you pick up bc that’s where Melo really outshines the other 2. If you’re gonna do most of your work off the dribble from the perimeter then that’s where I suggest Tracey

@YOSEMITE_HAM How does MPJ do against bigger players at PF? I see more centers at PF than actual PFs lol

@Muglegacy2 how does PD Granger’s shooting compare to PD Kirilenko? I love AK’s jumper but I could not consistently hit with Cowens’ base 11

If we talking for the 2 then its tmac and for the 3 id rather have melo… never been a fan of granger

I wasn’t a cowens fan either I would say he’s very close to kirolinko. I think worty petit kirolinko n granger all have basically the same shot that’s y I use them 4

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Granger is low key the best finisher of the 3 too. His dunks are all quick n to the point n rarely get blocked

How is he defensively tho? I see that low strength and bad post defense as red flags

Tmac. I’ll even take PD tmac over Gopal Melo.