Pd fox takeovers

Anybody use fox and can yall post his takeover with the shoe you got? Im trying to get slash/shot. Is it even possible?

Mine gets slash/playmaker without a shoe, and Dan Tony. His SWB and passign stats are prety much maxed out, maybe with a 3pt shoe and Dan Tony he’d get sharp takeover but I doubt it. His playmakign stats are just too high. A 3pt shoe might even end up making him sharp/playmaker

Also this card is fucking amazing. Giving me 2k17 John Wall flashbacks

Do you have casey? Can you try w him of you do? @johnnyfrye314

What shoe u guys using for em???

I have the low navy blue jordans for the mid move boost to get shot but im still in shot play takeover about to just take the shoe off him and go back to slash play

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