Pd Evan Fournier

Amy sekou and ruby Killian are required original owners how do u get them

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You have to open VC only packs to obtain them. It’s disgusting behaviour from 2K…


Ok ill pass

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At least it’s friggin Evan Fournier. Imagine if it was a player that anyone actually wanted. Then it would be incredible bullshit.

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Hahahaha, I mean it’s still BS but I get ya. :joy:

Scummy move from 2K, wanna give their fucking heads a shake… 🥸

Someone tell me they made a mistake and you can exchange two cards bought from the market lol.

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If only mate… Then there wouldn’t be an absolute uproar at how shitty of a tactic this is from 2k to make money. :roll_eyes::sob::dollar:

You misunderstood me lol. I fully understand that this was a conscious choice by 2K. The mistake would be if they by accident allowed AH cards to be exchangeable as well. This is the sort of ineptitude that you can typically expect from 2K even if their intentions were greedy lol.

No, I totally got what you were getting at don’t worry. But the point I was trying to make was that if 2k’s genuine incompetence reared it’s ugly head again and allowed this mistake to happen by trading non original owner cards in, then there wouldn’t be an uproar on social media. Because the issue would have been completely diverted via allowing people to obtain Fournier without opening VC exclusive packs.

However, that’s not the case. Hence the negative reactions they’re receiving. :+1:

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Original owners

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It sucks. 2k really wants every penny we have. Jo thanks for this. Ill play cod for now

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COD sounds like a good shout rn after seeing this bullshit on MyTeam… :rofl::rofl::+1:

They should put those 2 cards in a board like RJ so they can get many players playing in tto.

Exactly, a simple solution like that would have avoided this entire scenario. It amazes me that people here and on twitter etc. are WAY too in touch than the actual people who create the god damn game.

Add them to TT, TTO, weekly spins etc.

Why everyone acting like they entitled to stuff? There’s literally 100s of cards in the game and yall cryin foul because yall can’t get your hands on this one?
This is literally 2K just rewarding the people who do decide to open there packs with an extra card… That’s it. It’s not some sleazy move from 2K it’s just the entitlement of a lot of you.
If the card didn’t exist what would you complain about then?

“Let’s go with 'Bad Takes for $500, Alex.”


How is it rewarding when 2K are actively enticing people to gamble via opening packs to earn these 2 precise cards. Let’s not beat around the Bush or bullshit here, they’re encouraging people to gamble and open packs in the slim hope they’ll obtain these cards.

The entire premise of that Fournier card EXISTING is that its like dangling a carrot on the end of a stick in front of someone; a good metaphor I’d say.

It’s not entitlement, so don’t fucking try to make out like everyone is complaining with no valid reason or excuse. If you actually support this shitty marketing tactic, and are happy to support it, then be my guest.


Bad take? Or maybe someone who actually thinks logically?
You’re not forced to buy packs but if you really wanted the card so bad there’s literally a whole game outside of MT where you could grind VC and open your packs.
But since the lot of are so damn entitled you guys will complain for something not worth complaining about.

Easily one of the most narrow minded and idiotic takes I’ve ever seen.