PD Elgin Baylor

I’ve just about got enough tokens to pick up my first PD reward. All of them look underwhelming though I’m thinking I’ll go for Elgin.
Has anyone tried him out yet?
I usually like his cards and I’ll try him in play now to see what his animations are like this year before committing the 150 tokens.

Honestly though I’m probably just going to get one of the PD rewards and then save the tokens until they update the board later on.

Edit: I just tried him out in play now. His card is the exact same stats and badges as he is on the all time lakers roster.
His jump shot is terrible, too slow. I couldn’t make a stand still shot with him. His green window must be really tight. The only shots I could make were crazy learners when his hof difficult shots would activate.
Good rebounding and D wasn’t bad but not lock down.
Was good at driving to the rim and drawing fouls but he is not an explosive finisher compared to someone like the new evo Drexlerthat just came out.

Think I’ll pass on Elgin. Though in the game with the all time lakers Jerry West felt really good, and magic and KAJ of course. Can’t wait for a KAJ card to release.

Which one did you pick?

Isiah Thomas is the only really good card there.

I wanted to take Jerry West but I heard that he can’t make full white shots (?) so I think I will go for IT

Still a few tokens away. Don’t know if I’ll pick any just yet… I’ll test out I.T but will probably just hoard tokens until they add some worthwhile.