PD Dwyane Wade Takeover Options

I got a limited Flash! Ah-AHHHH! tonight and gave him some white/pink Jordans to get his block rating to 99. I think his default takeover combination with that shoe might be slasher/playmaker, but the first four coaches I tried him all gave him different takeovers:

Casey: shot/sharp
D’antoni: slash/playmaker
Popovich (99): slash/lock
Kerr (99): slash/shot

Which is your favorite for TTO? MTU? Do you have a different combination with another shoe/coach?


Here’s what I found with Limited Wade, different shoes and Coach Kerr:

Naked: Slash/Shot
Adidas w/Pink stripe: Slash/Shot
KDs with Blue stripe: Shot/Playmaker
Kobe AD Mid (White): Shot/Sharpshooter

I ended up keeping the Adidas with pink stripe. It’s my favorite of these takeover combinations for Wade and it boosts his post fade and steal to 99

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I want slash/lock. Would like to have it with as many coaches as possible, but would also like to have PD Shaq with post takeover, which means I’ll probably have to overwrite his Kyries :confused:

If I just use Pop, that solves the Wade thing, but I’ll have to overwrite his shoe, too, to get him 99 block AND 99 steal.

I’m so glad they finally put some respect on his block rating. I blocked a PD KD’s 3 in TTO tonight.

Popovich Shaq with Black Stripe Adidas becomes Post/Glass
Do you think those 5 points matter for three throws? IMO it’s all about release

How you liking him @DisrespectfulKO? I’m in heaven best Wade card I’ve ever used in myteam.

I’m actually trying to get shot / sharp with Dantoni anyone manage to do that? I have it with Casey but not with Dantoni not sure which shoe would do it.

The speed/LQ is enticing, too. I always do best when I slow the game down, though, so I guess I don’t need it…

He’s great. I wanted to like him, and the diamond was terrible for me (got cooked by CPU Harrison Barnes). I didn’t try the unlimited PD, but the limited feels faster than I thought. Smooth, wide crossovers. I don’t shoot very much outside with him; I try to use him like Flash. Get inside, dunk. Euro steps, post spins, moving mids…

I played a guy with PD Giannis and PD LeBron in his backcourt (I had Wade & Hedo). Wade held his own! It helps that he’s listed as a 2; his HOF stopper activates against PGs and SFs regardless of height.

And it’s a shame what happened to the Jeremy Lin I faced… that matchup was criminal. I think I got a clip before the rage quit.

All that was before I arranged for him to have 99 block and 99 steal with the Hardens, I think, and Pop.

Now I need a sharp/lock SF under Pop.

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Yeah what I love I that his slashing so so good that with the combination of his elite shooting he becomes unguardable of you’re in a good rhythm and not forcing. Only draw back is his ft.

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Slash/playmaker with pink Adidas and Ruby coach

When I make a myplayer, I use his FT motion, so I don’t see it being a problem for me long-term. I did go 0/2 the first time I took him to the line, though :joy: