PD Dwight Howard

What do you guys think about this card? I’m thinking about putting him on my bench or sub him for my PD Boogie, is it a bad idea?

absolutely nothing. although I’ll grab him for an all-time magics lineup

Awesome card if there weren’t already several affordable, athletic centers who can also shoot.

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Yeah he is a bit redundant and more-so a novelty


He fels great. No 2 shooting but but freakishly athletic great length and actually hustles to boards like a beast

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He would be playable if they released this card a month ago

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I’m curious how he does I feel he could definetly hang with all the opals c’s. Phes probably a top 5 alley ooper in the game

What’s he going for on the PS4?

He looks great, but the lack of a jumper knocks him down a lot. Outside of that though I’m sure he’s a beast

I am not even sure if he’s better than diamond D Rob… he’s got the badging advantage, but D Rob is just as fast, bigger and just as deadly in the paint. Plus he has a cheesy release from outside.

I’m not sure I would get more production from that Dwight than my :gem: Tyson Chandler.

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He’ll be my bench 4/5 for the rest of the year. I’m telling you his defense is second to none and his animations and player model are top notch. Bill Russel better get a GO

He’s going for 50/60k

him and iggy are basically opals

Packed him and tried him on TTO. He’s a clamp god and fast af. Fun card but not OP or anything. 50k is probably about right for him

They took away his blue enforcer badge, that kind of kills it for me :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

He was goated for me 13-15 from the field, didn’t miss a free throw. Scored 33 but was responsible for 43 because of his offensive rebounds and kick outs

He has almost as many stats as wilt of you compare. Wilt beats him by about 1-3 in most things. Dwight has him beat on few attributes. Lowkey budget wilt imo

But Wilt has that 3 ball…

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65 is barely manageable