Pd durant keep or sell

Got one with a diamond contact and am balling out with him, however would it be worth to get my moneys worth now and buy back later during the endgame madness. I have a good squad but my main three players are all star magic, moments Giannis and kd.

Is he the source of you winning games? If so, keep. Unless he’s seriously producing for your team/ you have fun with him, sell. He goes for so much, and we’re bound to get a better one as the Playoffs continue, but that’s up to you.

Keep. Hes awesome.

what im working with btw

You gotta improve your bench man.

Sell Giannis. Odds are 2k is going to give him a new card. Durant is way better imo and Ive had both Giannis cards. Upgrade your bench with what you get for him. Throwbacks are crazy cheap right now. For what you get for him you can pick up Paul George and a PD Bill Russell and still have close to 150k mt left over to build with.

Yea i think il sell. Giannis since i got him cheap with red kyries and a contract

If I were you Id move Durant to the 3. Add blue PG and make him or Kawhi your starting or back up 2, add PD Bill Russell make him your starting 4. Then add Diamond Tatum. Tatum is a steal for what hes going for right now. And sell Porzingis and get a real center. Laettner is just as good and miles better on defense. You can get pd Gilmore pr even pd wilt for what Porzingis goes for. And you’ll still have mt left over. Your team looks way better with those moves and will be much much stronger. Trust me.

Is this Durant better than GO Worthy and GO Malone? He is pretty damn good.

Lol you know the game is broken if we’re comparing Durant and Karl Malone lol. The two couldn’t be more different in real life

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Imo i think Durant is the best pullable card right now. His height, shot and animations make him unstoppable.

I don’t have Malone, but I’ll I’ve heard is people using him at the 3.

I was kind of comparing them game impact wise. I sold my Durant early, but he is always the best player on my opponents team when they have him.

Yea my gripe is more towards 2k lol. In real life, Malone was a lumbering and slow 4. Hilarious they made him fast, with handles and a three ball :roll_eyes:


Just when you thought Worthy was a joke they make Malone. I’m surprised they didn’t seal the deal by giving Malone base 11.

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I can’t tell if the 2k peeps are just 22 yr olds that prob haven’t watched any games of the throwback elites they release or they just give zero fucks and boost ratings however they want in order to get pack openings higher


I’m guessing it’s to make desirable cards.

Malone wasn’t “lumbering and slow”, but far from a speed demon with handles as well. Malone is definitely a top 5 PF of all time. Had a great midrange jumper and did the one legged fadeaway before Dirk was even thought of.

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Regardless. He never played SF and barely shot any threes at all

I’m not arguing that, but to call him lumbering and slow isn’t an accurate picture either is all that I’m saying.

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It’s the second. They prey on human nature. And I felt it: I looked down on every Kobe and Mcgrady card, until they released a juiced Bill Russell, my favorite player. Then I was like, “Let’s go!”