PD Draymond Green?

2K announced there will be new PD Throwback playoff moments card, first one was a warrior which could hint they will focus on mainly releasing warriors cards (since they obviously won the finals this year), so i think the next one could be Draymond Green - he is still missing at least a diamond this year and he had some amazing PD-worthy playoff performances over the last years

  • 37/9/8 with 8/12 from 3
  • 32/15/9
  • 21/9/5 with 7 blocks and 4 steals

Oh boy @QuantumKat

It’ll be Curry before Draymond.

Where did they announce this?

Don’t think that mean we will have another one

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I would rather see them release a PD Worthy from when he won finals MVP then release a PD Draymond.


We will 100% get another one. So many people ripped for baron. They Will definitely want people to pull again.

A PD worthy would be OP as fuck

Oh well then that’s good news. I want a Worthy, Curry, Draymond, and other players that I don’t have the name right now

PD Nowiztki too, with some upgraded D and good rebounding stats, he could be lit

Yea exactly… his amythest(diamond) was fun as shit to use… was absolutely nasty driving to the basket.

He could do anything. I can’t imagine how the PD would be powerful

I’d get on board with a PD Dirk… def deserves one for winning the championship against the Heat with that Mavs team.

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Maybe PD Rose, from the GW Buzzer Beater…just an idea since he is supposed to be dropped eventually

Oh man, if they do PD Green… or PD Curry… :heart_eyes:

@TheGodfather :money_mouth_face:

PD Green would be a switch all defensive schemes dream

I could see the value in a PD Green filled with HOF badges, but PD Curry? I don’t see how much they can improve 97 Steph. Maybe rebounding and defense? o_O

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Is it possible they move PD Rose to playoff throwback moments, and drop him for his game against uh Boston in 09’ or Atlanta in 11’?

If they want to make a ton of money they’ll do that. :slight_smile: