PD Dr. J OR PD Kobe?

Narrowed it down to these two!!!
I’m a die hard Lakers fan but I simply can’t decide because of those stats on the doctor!!!

Dr j

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DR. j

You know what your heart is telling you. :snake:

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Is Dr. J consistent when it comes to shooting though? I will be playing whoever I get at the 2…

I’m playing him at the 1 since he comes w Dimer but his shot is super easy his ability to drive and create is amazing too, so playing him at the 2 is a smart choice as well.

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He looks amazing tbh…I do plan on using whoever I decide on getting as my primary scorer and I know Kobe can be that guy. I’m just so caught up on those stats on Julius as his lowest stat is a 90

There’s really no downside to either card, but the fact that J has 97 rebounding and can/probably will grab boards over your opponents’ big men as your 2 guard, is nothing to complain about.

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That’s true!!! Somethin to think about…fuhhhhh

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Get both

I am kinda in the same boat even though PD Tmac is also in my conversation. If you look closer the stat difference between those 2 is not really there (important stats). +140 on paper in favor of Dr but 153 points alone is rebounding, block, low post D, standing dunk and post hook (including strength even 164) so kobe is stat wise at least even if considering relevant stats for a guard.

Kobe on paper is better shooter and defender. DrJ is all around beast - the question is are you profiting enough of these all around qualities at the position you play the Dr.

Can only compare diamond DrJ to Diamond Kobe and Kobe was the better card.

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I will be playing whichever card I get at the 2. I do rely on shooting primarily and driving after that but I know Dr J has an easy release. I’ve had the 98 Kobe and he was a monster. Only reason I’m considering Julius is because his overall ability…but even then idk if it’s enough to convince me