PD D'Angelo worth it?

Not gna lie his diamond card cooked. You guys going out of your way to pick up this card? Looks beastly but there are just so many options at the 1.

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He looks amazing. good stats good height. only knock is free throws.

I’ve tried him, he’s terrible, gonna be BIN soon better sell him if you pull him. 74 Free Throw not usable. He’s a garbage card I can’t believe 2K made him this bad.


Not sure if you’re being serious or if you wana keep this gem hidden haha. Is he that unusable? I actually thought his diamond had a good release. Thanks for the tip

74 ft means you can’t use him in crunch time… I am gonna stick to the diamond! Such a disillusion

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i don’t like low strength players otherwise he’d be in my rotation no doubt

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54 Strength. He will be eaten by Magic and Oscar

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Seems like the consensus is :-1:

So… what about the new PD Harden?

Not gonna lie, I’d rather get the new DLO

And I’m a big Harden fan.

Now i’m just straight up confused. Dlo a good card or nah? And if dlo is better than harden then that card must be trash trash?


I literally just got out of a game where I scored 25 points with DLO in the first quarter. The dude quit. His PG was PD JR but still.

11th man on the bench, just in case I get matched up against a real point guard.

PD JR is one of the best perimeter defenders in the game. And he’s 6’6". No HOF DS but:

97 Defending

  • 97 On-ball defense IQ
  • 98 Lateral quickness
  • 97 Pass perception
  • 95 Reaction time
  • 95 Steal
  • 97 Shot contest
  • 95 Defensive consistency

If he has trouble guarding DLo, then it’s not that JR is a bad defender but DLo is for real.

DLO’s dribbling animations are so great. His player model is also a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be. He is real long.

And… let’s all be honest here, if you’re going to play off-ball defense, strength does not matter that much. Especially if you are smart enough to bring in a defender when their Oscar or Magic gets to the post.

Exactly 80 strength in bare minimum 2 start on my team