PD D.Rose unlock?

Hey guys , i’m one trophy away from Drose on the Bulls trophy room but i dont know where to find the last exchange for it , it’s the 97 NBA champ trophy , if you guys have a tip :pray: (already have the one for completing the Bulls roster)

It’s the Centerpiece Trophy so you’ll have to complete a game mode or get 6k points in Unlimited.

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I only play offline so I got the centerpiece playing CT offline. It’s actually not a bad grind as games are short. I use the Shade Evo players plus Pippen and matchups are easier.

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Ok CT for crunch time right ? I only play offline too so i might try this thanks

you can also redeem a Centerpiece with 1,500 tokens from the tokens market, or as a player cards collection reward (at, I think, 950 cards, which is A LOT)

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I did it fairly quick in Unlimited (2 weeks I think) casual player, nms.

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Wow i dont have 1500 tokens , had 450 - the bulls squad (95)

Just FYI the season is over in like 15 days. Whatever progress you did towards a centerpiece has to be completed before then. It resets when the new season starts.


How many clutch off. games to reach the centerpiece reward ? I’am at lvl5 and it’s the pennnant exchange (50 wins , 43 sofar) , lvl4 is 50 tokens , lvl3 is 3500mt , lvl2/1 dont remember

100 wins

Yay , not that long after all


Damn, Diamant Rose Derrick Rose. What a cool coincidence with the language.
Continuer on your path to glory, my friend!

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Congrats my brother. I got him last week…he was my first and probably will be my only trophy case player. I might try for Worthy but Thanksgiving usually marks new cards on another level.

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My team sofar , did put clamps on Rose , D-fence , will prob sell everything for S3