PD D Lo is godly

After watching him play I decided to try out his PD and all I have to say is this might be my favorite card in the game. Dude can shoot lights out and has dimer so he can dish the rock when needed


yeah he is a good card indeed. It was my favorite Magic Backup,
till i tried the 96 PD Westbrook.

how’s westbrook’s release with the new contest patch? if i’m not mistaken he jumps a bit towards the defender

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yeah. its good. I dont use Westbrook for shooting though, just to create plays and his 75 (i think) strength and blocking and jumping is useful for defending. I only shoot open 3’s anyway even b4 the patch.
but most of the times that i shoot with him i made the shots. If i need to spam 3’s I have Steff Curry (as my 3rd PG Option)
but yeah D’Lo is a good card. I really enjoyed it when i was using it (Still have him)

Only thing is they gave him HoF pickpocket and Gold limitless …

Man the Nets gave that game away, Joe Harris and Carrol are such bums

Im at like 200 games with him, me and @Fra44 love him. Just wish he played up to his steal rating, but offensively hes as good as a scoring/playmaker pg in the game. His model feels 6"5 on drives too.

He is my fav card in this game … loved his diamond too. I would pay 33k just for the diamonds card art.

I def overpaid but doesn’t feel like it. I’m loving pairing him with 98 Wade.

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He has everything you need from a good point guard , great 3 , good steal , height… the release is great … just the best moments pd

What’s a good price for his card with diamond contract and 3pt shoe, badged up? I found one last night going for 86k Mt so I picked him up. Haven’t run him yet though

What’s the cheapest I can get him right now on PS 4? I cant check myself :frowning:

75 to 80k naked. 100 to 120 dressed… sunday prices are jacked though. Wait if you can!

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Anytime I see this Wade card mentioned I gotta go full homer and hype it.

Is DLo’s release nice? I’m looking for a small, fast PG that can shoot and dish. I have PD Curry and some games I can’t time his release. I like DLo’s height though.

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It’s quite fast but he doesn’t get off the ground much

Yep, his steal definitely sucks. And thanks to him, I finally understood that the only thing that matters to steal the ball is the on ball steal tendency. He has a 52…

I have to say I replaced pink D’Lo with pink Curry and Steph plays 10x D’Lo, which tells how good he is.

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PD DLo been my backup PG since he dropped. I’ll even start him sometimes too if the other team has a traditional PG. Also haven’t had any issues with his steal rating. Pretty much mastered when to reach since I owned PD GP and then sold him for DLo.

You can sauce it up so effortlessly with PD D’lo it’s really fun.

Finally got this motherfucker. Paid 100k for fully badged, Diamond shoe, and 34 contracts. I hope he will be an upgrade at PG over Diamond Luka :smiley:

i think the difference for me is the fact that i canr shoot with curry and i literally green every shot with dlo its crazy