PD Curry on TTO boards

I think this is worthy of it’s own thread with everything else going down right now.


Definitely is!! Time to go SWEAT in some 3v3.

Maybe GO Curry in packs soon? PLS PLS PLS

I interpreted this as 2k acknowledging his performance last night without giving him an Opal.

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I interpret this as fuck you from 2k then. :frowning:

Just bought one for 80k. Might just hold til Shaq is available

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They are trying to make this shaq affordable somehow. I would expect them to do something with the anni set 2 soon. Probably a PD Bird code

They’re saving an Opal for a possible Finals MVP. It’s the only legit reason to not give him 1 today.

Rip to the people bidding 160k on Curry. I just got him and kyrie for that much

How long is he on the boards for?


They could have given him at least more juiced 98. Or GO and then some better limited GO for FMVP :frowning:

More juiced than this it’s hard! He basically has 98 or 99 in every attribute with high 90s in defense too.

Only a big boost in strength would make him better imo. From 65 to 85. But that’s pure fantasy :rofl:

he would get all the defensive badges like gilbert

Watc out opal pg13 prices get higher he was already 750k today.
He is new AD
@Ddrop :upside_down_face:

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If they wanted to do that they’d put GO PG13 on the boards

Anyone seen him?

Ps4 or xbox?

haven’t seen him in 5 games

If Ben Simmons can have 97 mid range and 87 open 3, then Curry can have 90 driving dunk and HOF D.Stopper in 2k!


I played 4 & couldnt take it anymore. Not worth it even if I pulled him after 10 games.