PD Curry is amazing

We all know his shooting is legendary, but he’s also a great defender and finisher (goes for the dunk more often than he should). Not to mention crazy speed and godly ball handling. I get that people are in love with oversized point guards, but how this card is going for 25k is just mind blowing. Give him a try if you haven’t yet.

I think he’s one of the best, if not the best, true pg in the game. He’s very good all around and it’s just so easy to get him open for 3.

i’m gonna try him out after the next PD release, liked Curry cards last year but haven’t used him due to the giannis/lebron/simmons at point

What is your lineup? Do you use top defenders to hide him on defense?

In my case I use Richmond who doesn’t have Defensive stopper but he’s a really good perimeter defender, and the other 3 are Klay and the twin towers.

Finallyyyyyyy! I got bashed for using him in my last thread.

I run him with the bench unit along TMac, Durant, Simmons and Duncan. So far I defended the opposing PGs straight up, but I haven’t been matched with any cheesers.

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I think I might give him a try later today.

I just hate when people say, he cant finish:

Tons of good examples of him finishing at the rim.