Pd cousins defense?

For those of you that have used him… can he hold his own on defense against other top centers?

I used him at PF though

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He can defend a C in the ISO because he’s big and strong, but I sold him because his rim protection wasn’t really there…

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Ayton > Boogie


The way i see it

Ayton > boogie on defense

Boogie >>> ayton on offense


Yup correct bro!
Just get hakeem :innocent:

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98 Hakeem is my starting center lol

I have eaton too but i want a center that can shoot 3s

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GO DRob is what I have in Mind.

But try the Diamond DRob or Sabonis

They are hella cheap.

Ayton is Really Good But I don’t recommend a pick and pop game with him.

Cousins is your guy but I’m not sure he can handle most other dominant bigmen

PF Cousins C Ayton is the Best IMO

I really would rather have KAJ than drob but dont have the mt for neither at the moment lol


KAJ > D Rob in my opinion and it’s not close for the way I play and I’ve had both

He def can hang. But hes more suited to dominate the pf spot. His defense isnt great. Its not bad either but thats not his game. N his offense will make up for some of that cuz he’s a savage on offense.

It’s comparable to PD Melos defense. He’ll get beat laterally sometimes. But holds his own.

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:point_up_2:this esp when u play melo @ SG. His strength n size really show up defensively. Same w boogie @ PF. But can also hang @ their real spots SF n C.