PD Cousins at SF

I finally went 12-0. Only because I put PD Cousins at SF and posted the entire and every game. My opponents couldn’t switch off with their bigs because their too busty guarding Yao and Porzingus. Plus, Cousins is too fast for them to guard on the perimeter anyways. If his defender is a true small forward-thats bully ball the entire game.

Anyone else try this? – works great for me!

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Nice skillz


What about on the other end? Didn’t get sped by?

No, buts that also because I have a defensive coach and switch off between off/on ball to not get beat off the dribble if that makes sense. His hof bruiser slows his defenders down into a bully animation wen they try to drive. Yes, he will get beat once in while…but rarely.

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Big Skillz for real

It’s ok for getting cheap wins against unprepared lineups but it doesn’t work against good players.

What do you do if your opponent slides someone like D-Rob down there? PD Cowens at SG?

It might backfire if you aren’t confident in your post cheese.


“I jumped from the 10th floor on top of my head and i landed perfectly safe, does this work for you guys?!”

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Yeah, no im confident in my post game and change-ups. If it doesn’t work, Ill go back to regular line-up. Your right, it’s all about exploiting the user, not the cards.

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Nah OP a genius. Good work.

You have the Purple Kyries on him? How was he on D?

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I mean if you wanted Gervin that bad. Doesn’t take much skill tho or really prove anything. It’s a very easy strategy anyone with half a brain could use to their advantage. I used to use a sandbagging lineup to get the PotM and finally realized it’s just not fun unless it feels like I really earned the reward without exploiting game mechanics. To each their own tho.


Whichever ones are the ones with ball control and speed with ball togeather.

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half a brain…lol

Yeah it’s literally unguardable as you said. Unless your opponent is also running all bigs. Shouldn’t be difficult to score at all. That’s why you did it.

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I would’ve isod my ass off

I wouldnt even post this if this is what i had to do to win a game of myteam

why not? everyone cheats/cheeses at this game…the settings and stats are so unrealistic you have to do what you have to do in order to just compete to win.



After witnessing GO Giannis at PG nothing surprises me anymore. Do what helps you enjoy the game

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Please just only do this kind of thing to go 12-0 for POTM

After taht, please don’t keep this going, it’s lame AF and kills this game