PD Collections

Which is the beat to complete? I already have Gianis. I have about 650K MT.

Definitely not A.I.

I mean go into shoot around with KG if you like his shot I’d say him he’s pretty good


No other ones for PD reward are worth it honestly. Just get a PD MJ or use some good diamonds like 98 kobe or kawhi

what’s your squad look like? i would say you’re better off just upgrading it if it isn’t already nasty

I’ve been wanting to fuck with both of those cards.

SG 97 Jimmy Butler
SF PD Queen James
PF PD Gianis
C 96 Marc Gasol

For your lineup Hakeem would be the best option

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Personally, I’d go with Kareem over Hakeem, and you don’t have to lock in a set.

If he uses Oscar too that wouldn’t be a bad move

Yea I agree with them, either Kareem since you have the Big O, or Hakeem & you’ll have 98 KD in that set too. If you can afford both then do that, you can run Kareem with Oscar off the bench and start Hakeem, not sure if thats enough MT for that option.

I use Oscar off the bench. Great all around card.

Go Kareem, unless you rely a lot on Marc to hit outside shots. Put RWB on the bench, bringing Big O into your starters for the duo.

Benching RWB feels like a sin, but your starters already have 2 main ball-handlers in LBJ and Giannis. Plus, RWB can be your main focus in your 2nd unit.

That’s a great idea.

Yea I would too but he was asking for sets that’s why I said Hakeem

Anyone try Kareem and Hakeem at the same time? I’m about to lock in Hakeem since the only one I’m missing is Hondo and I want to put him at the 4. Here’s what my lineup would look like:

I often run Hakeem and Admiral together in my starting lineup. I have a diamond shoe on Admiral that makes him the best defender in the game.

Oh nice! Hopefully I’ll have the same idea but with Hakeem. I have a rebounding shoe with Kareem. Just need to figure out how to get a shoe for Hakeem. I don’t want to buy any more VC for boxes but I might give it a shot.

I used to run Hakeem/Kareem. I favor 3pt. shooting smallball now. Plus 95 Cousins w/ Red Kyrie’s is better than Hakeem or Kareem.