PD Clyde w Di White Kobes and Di Contract

If you are looking for one, on auction 2.5 hours left.
Fully badged. ps4

15 minutes still no bid
that shoe and contract worth 90k alone wtf :smiley:

You are gonna get like 70 K should have just kept him.

if it won’t sell for 100 I ll keep him for sure

Yea youre never gonna get ur value on a shoe or contract on a player. Shlda kept him.

I tried to sell the exact same card for 100 K and couldn’t so now I just look at him as a collection player since I pulled him with on single MT pack anyways.

TMac probably didn’t help

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Went to check it out, he’s got a 100k bid on him FYI


Clyde or Limited Roy? I have them both.

The Clyde @north is selling

I sold my clyde with white kobes 100K but no contract