PD Chauncey Billups

I love everything about him accept his release, its so slow i can never use it, does anyone else have him? and what are your thoughts on him?

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take open shots only

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Everyone knew this was an issue and very few redeemed him

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If you can dribble, and have a comparable matchup (6"6 and under) then he’s buckets. Run plays, use screens, get to the basket, post up, get out and run etc. There’s many ways to deal with a slow jumper. Look at how many people use Manu. A good Manu user can give you the SAUCE.


He’s actually the most redeemed out of the new 3 which really surprised me.

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Really !! I stand corrected then

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How is he the most redeemed?

He has some nice dribble moves , I versed a guy using all the cheesy park dribbles with him, he got a bit carried away in the end but I was still impressed

Play smart and chessy at the same time you have shot fades whether that’s posting up or off the dribble and shoot when open mainly and instead of him bringing the ball up let some else advance it and let him do his thing with the trail cheese

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Chauncey is low key a low post god.

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They just switched him to base 11. Jk don’t want anyone to waste tokens.

He’s still a really good card but for me personally at least, I would’ve taken Moncrief over Billups. They’re both 6’3”, lockdown on defense, great passing, great shooters. Moncrief has a much better release though and much better dunking (with HoF posterizer).

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He’s really good with trail cheese :sweat_smile:

No regrets here. You have to invest more into Sidney. I can’t even think of a shoe to put on Chauncey that doesn’t waste an attribute boost. That’s how juiced he is.

I have both, I got bored both are good cards even I put the ad mids on Sidney but Chauncey you really don’t have to add anything to him except rim protecter and throw on the south beaches makes even more hard to post him

Moncrief is better imo. He doesn’t have the shooting badges, but he can throw down and has a way smoother shot. They’re both fairly equal in defense too.

The others are Eaton who’s an unappealing non shooting defensive center after we got flooded by centers and 6’3 Moncrief who I bet is not very well known in the community of young gamers.

Doesn’t surprise me Mr Big Shot is the most redeemed

Chauncey is growing on me as I become more selective with his shot. He’s is a freaking Pitbull on D.


Redeemed Sidney and Eaton. No regrets on my end. I wanted Chauncey but I know I’ll be getting GO Payton since he’ll be my only GO Reward and I have PD Penny and PD John wall too so I didn’t need another PG.