PD Blake vs. Di Giannis

I used Di Giannis to run through all the challenges and TTOffline grind stuff, and then as I got PD Blake, I sold my DI Giannis (which was badged, Di shoe and contract) for only 100K.

I have since used PD Blake and he seems very similar. Sure, Blake has a nice shot and can actually knock down open 3s (which Giannis could not do), but his arms are a lot shorter which hurts glitch dribbling and finishing around the rim.

Is there something I am missing here? Serious question- how do I maximize utility of this card? When I use him like I use Di Giannis, I am underwhelmed. Can someone please convince me thatI did not waste all those hours grinding for a card that is not that much better or different from a cad that auctions for 100K MT?

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Put him at C and dribble around centers I think is the move but I agree value wise Giannis is much more worth the 100k then Blake is worth his hours. Picked up fully badged Giannis with HoF downhill for 150 yesterday and I’m very happy.

Run him at center. ISO your defender burn him every play. There’s no center that can stay in front of a speed boosting center right now. Giannis is incredible but even he has a hard staying in front of Blake when he slashes. You gotta use his strengths to expose your defenders weaknesses.

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As last year, Giannis is still the god.

If you had deadeye to Blake he is deadly in the pick and pop.

2 completely different cards.

Giannis is broken on next gen.


Blake all day every day for me. Use who you have fun with though

When you say Giannis is broken on next gen- does that mean he’s unstoppable? Or did they bring this diamond down to earth and take away his glitch dribbles?

Giannis us unstoppable on next gen…better than my josh smith.

Hes elite at every aspect of the game. Much better shooter on next gen too.