PD Blake price already dropping

Prices on xbox are at 90-100k
Do you think all big players like Giannis will drop too?

Whats a pd Lake and i hope giannis does not drop lol there won’t be a better version except that opal i hope he goes 400 in like a week or so

It’s PD blake
Edit done :grin:

Could have guessed :grin:

And what do you mean blake dropper is he below a hundred now or what

Yes in buy now

People are expecting two great PFs in AD and LA. I don’t think it will affect other positions. Hard to imagine Davis being better than Blake, but on the other hand, he’s got to be if they want people to open packs.

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Blake is ideal for this year meta.
Biggest(in plus) suprise for me this year- never was fan of his cards but this year his sooo much fun.
He replaced Giannis without blink of a eye.

I might check for nice blakes then lol actually saving for kobe but i guess that dude won’t come out soon

Its not that Blake is bad, but he plays same position as AD. And people are bored of same cards+need to rise MT to buy packs/AD hence why his price is dropping.

Is giannis still 300 i guess at some point he’ll be 400+?

We should be looking at something like this tonight https://2kmtcentral.com/18/players/9111/anthony-davis

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I’m thinking more like the Amy tbh

You think? Blake is well over 4100 total attributes. I think AD needs to match that.

No way they make him able to speed boost. Maybe in the 3 and defence tho. U know he be everyone’s pg lol

Oh wait, it’s only a 62 ball control. Well that card would be a cheesy card for sure if it is like the diamond. He was above 200k last year for ages when mt mattered lol

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Yeah, the PD had 86 BC last year. Pairing this beast with Wilt should lock down the paint for good.

That’s my plan too. Blake is out for now.

Blake+AD is even better :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll try this frontcourt for sure.

Blake is awesome on offense but on the defensive side he lacks a bit of range with his short arms

AD will be more of a defensive PF that can stretch the floor and score in the post. But clearly not a slasher like Blake is