PD Blake or Porzingis? Whos your pick? and why

State your case. :man_judge:

KP release 7.3

but i will give you blake is realy solid, i never enjoy him but he was always solid against me.

Blake no brick brick


yeah is release is easy to green but you need to be open cuz his release kinda on the slow side.

I suspect you to only take one three on those 17 games lol.


Whats .2 of 17 games lol

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About 3

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Blake is a mismatch problem , either the opposition is too weak or too slow , or too small

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Blake easily, only thing KP has over him is height and a quicker release. My Blake feasts on opposing Porzingis’

It really depends on your play style. If you just want to shoot jumpers and block shots then KP. But if you want all-around game with post bullying then Blake is your best choice.

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Funny because my Porzingis feasts on opposing Blakes. All the threes he gets over those smaller guys more than make up for the twos he gives up on defense


Porzingis has a better release than blake and is 5 inches taller than him. Those two things are the only thing he’s better than Blake at. Idk why you’d pick him. I rather have Maurice Lucas over porzingis.

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Blake for me. Total package > height

Release is different, that’s for sure. But I’ve grown to like it

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Blake gonna be cheap AF next week.

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Kp goes enfuego rather quick

Easy answer. Blake. Because I have him locked in and have to love him.

But seriously, he’s surprisingly been one of my favorite players this year. I don’t like him irl, but I feel like he’s been the best PF in the game since the day he came out.

Ive had a harder time stopping Kp but blake is a more rounded player. My votes for blake he was a blast to use when he came out but other cards are catching up to his elite dunking ability

Blake is still a beast by default since pf is super thin. He’s just not fast enough for his height and he’s not tall enough to dominate all post matchups so it feels like a shitty paradox.