PD Bird or LBJ/Kawhi

I can replace my bird and buy either LBJ or kawhi then sell the rest of the MT.

Should I do that or just keep bird? He’s avging 16 PPG 3.3 RPG 2.4 APG with 55/49/99 shooting splits. His rebounding might be off because I played him at PF for a good amount of games.

I also have 98 durant on my bench.

Bird is the best shooter in the game and most importantly, one of the most fun cards you can use.
He can play multi-positions and do all on the court.
Personally I’ll keep him to the game’s end.

I use Kawhi as SG mostly, his card is amazing-for me,he’s more consistent from 3’ than any card,easy finds open spots and play godly defense(2-3 still every game,like unbelievable shot contest)
Like him better than 98Kobe.

I don’t use LBJ.