PD Bird on PS4

How much you guys think he’ll sell for and when’s the best time to sell. Haven’t seen a PD Bird in AH for a while? Pretty rare like PD Magic I’m assuming… thanks guys!

90k, not much more i think - if he has a diamond contract I am willing to pay 5k more :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Okay… :zzz:

If anyone is interested i will list my PD Bird with grey Kobe diamond shoes (+9 swb, bc, speed, moving 3 and moving mid) in about 5 hours for a 12 hour auction.

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Thanks but I did the same. Sold him and myteam for the second time. Nice profit though. Mmorg buys for 20/$100. No worry about being scammed etc. sold about 5 mil to them overall so far.

I’m guessing that your $ is in the wrong spot? There is no way that they’re out here giving $100 for 20k MT. If so I’m about to make bank!! I have a super nice squad and over 2 mil MT.

I promise. $20/100k. They pay you the next morning through PayPal. Make more with Mmorg than this site and 2kcental. They communicate through Skype and they text you when they need a card bought. Check it out on sell to us section on their website. This is my second time around selling to them but they turn around and sell it for double to ppl that pay $50/100k.

Sorry. Just read the post again. $20/100k not the other way around.

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