PD Bird, Clyde, Diamond Hayward



PD Clyde… yass

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Ohhh that Clyde :eyes:

Jesus give me that clyde lmao base 8 cheese ! I told y’all his opal would be stupid but this pd is very close

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I clearly missed something. Bird today?

Larry Legend

Clyde the Glide

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The Hayward looks really good, Clyde could be a beast but I don’t know his release

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This bird look like my new Stretch 4


Oh my gosh. Those shooting badges…

Shit literally every hof shooting badge

88 speed on Bird?!??!

Is this the fastest he’s ever been in 2K?!

98 Speed with coach and shoe. GG



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Classic 2K releasing a higher rated player than Bird.

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Yeass, my body is ready for Bird

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he can grab boards and got HOF defensiv stopper gg

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Why gold chase down

Woop Woop. Welcome to my starting lineup Larry Legend.

Magic/PG/Lebron/Larry/Kareem lineup, who says no?! Leggo!

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Damn 2K working on me right now

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90 low post D for Larry , 2K kinda generous huh

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