PD Arenas Shoe — Last Thread, I Promise #lebronsucks

Does anybody know if there is a shoe that gives Gilbert Shot/Sharp or Slash/Sharp with D’Antoni as the coach?

I know the foamposites, White Kobe’s, and PG2K17’s do, but I’m not trying to spend more than 20K on a shoe. Any suggestions?

Goat thread name


ahh all bigs boy running a PG das cute

Thanks for contributing to the thread!

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Have you even looked at any of the lineups I’ve posted?

I’m not sure if red Kyrie’s /Kobe will help you

I have dark blue Jordans and I can’t even remember the take over look

Lol he does that cuz he’s bored of crushing ppl w a traditional squad. Not cuz he has to to win.

I have Weatherman’s on mine but they’re kind of useless as I now have D’Antoni. Im fairly sure any 3 pt shoe with D’Antoni should at least give him 3pt takeover

Who are you talking to / about?

The person who has two GO rewards already and either #nolifes the game or spent $1,000’s already?

I have the Kyrie’s and he has sharp/playmaking — I want a different secondary besides playmaking.

I thought Kyrie’s/Kobe would’ve changed that

Maybe a shoe that boosts acceleration

Hmm with no show and without D’Antoni mine was playmaking/ slashing. What coach you run??

D’Antoni, and I currently have the Red Kyrie’s :\

Nah, I’m all good. You’re the one who’s wasting his own time tryna start shit in somebody else’s thread.

Shit no idea then man, sorry. To my knowledge any open 3pt shoe should do it

Anyone running an Accel shoe on him

Danali has a good question let’s stay on topic

damn bro… i dropped some crazy heat in your thread my bad

didn’t realize you were so sensitive i’ll make note of that

Maybe he wants to run a normal line up

Its honestly a good question though id like to know the takeover change


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I have a traditional, and a token grind lineup.

Gilbert is in both lineups.

Some of us need to grind for good players rather than spending $100’s to get GO Wilt & Worthy.