PD arenas or PD 97 Harden?

To play at PG!!

Arenas limited

The only small player can make me have nightmares in TTO is that Harden or PD Jordan. I play with Zapphire T-Mac, PD Magic and Amy Turkoglu.
Harden has a lot of cheesy dribbles and step back into hop-shot animations.

Arenas limited

Bruh Arenas is literally better in everything

More badges, better defense, longer wingspan, better driving and his unlimited was like 150k with a shoe also has a lighting quick jumper

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I have both but im having a better time with Harden cuz Gils shot too quick. Hardens bigger too which helps on D

Im playing Harden at SG with Magic at PG. Gil off the bench

The day you learn how to shoot with base 11 will be the best day in 2k you ever have. The game becomes 10x easier. Don’t give up. Danny Granger helped me master base 11. His shot is smoother than all of those players who have it.


I prefer Harden, I think his jumper is better, AK has a great base 11, Gil doesn’t hit any open 3s at all for me.

Gil comes off the bench for me and easily puts up 25ish points a game

harden is like turkoglu who plays better than his defensive ratings. it helps that he has a 6’10 wingspan

Yeah once I got Gil’s shot down it was crazy. It’s just so hard for opponents to contest

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Arenas is cheaper and better. His deep 3 shooting is godlike. Nevertheless PD Harden is also a great PG with awesome playmaking.

Same thing happened to me with Gugliotta…I couldn’t stand it then all the sudden it clicked and now it’s so much fun.

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Hardens jumper is better? What?

I would take Arenas 100%. I don’t think there’s a single thing Harden can do better than him.

I don’t like Gilbert’s AK’s base 11 is more smooth, and Harden really doesn’t have a slow release at least imo

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I haven’t used AK, but I think I know what you mean…I still like Gilberts a ton but it isn’t the same as Gugliotta.

PD ARENAS all day :sunglasses:

Pd harden